About Me

I am a spiritual intuitive, business strategist, and healing artist.
I help CEOs align their inner and outer worlds to achieve maximum performance and utmost fulfillment in their personal, spiritual, and business lives. I also provide mentorship programs and connection services for people wishing to learn practical skills or fulfill on goals.

My background is in Project Management, Training and Development, Mind & Consciousness, Business, Metaphysics, and Art & Design.

More about me:
The World’s Original Affirming Artist™
Top 40 Under 40 Business Award Winner
Certified Life Coach
Landmark Team, Management and Leadership Program Alumni
Think & Grow Rich Institute Graduate
International Best-Selling Author
eCommerce Store Owner
Signature Products & Programs

Creator of:
Affirming Arts™
30 Days To Happiness Program
The Finisher’s Club™


How Do I Do What I Do?

I help my customers, clients, and proteges elevate their consciousness and achieve exactly what is needed to move them from where they are to their desired outcomes.

Sometimes I do this by channeling messages for them. Other times, it’s by looking at the inter-workings of their business or personal life and seeing what changes need to be made, and how I can bring clarity to their vision & ignite their burning desire.

Sometimes, I mentor people or teach the specific skills needed to them to the next level (eg. marketing, human relations, writing, design, software, websites, outsourcing, project management, etc).

Sometimes I help people connect with the right people & resources  to meet their objectives.

I also sell my products (Art, Music, Clothing, Writing, Programs) to help make their physical and mental environment support their deepest desires. (My work is very powerful ♥)

Ultimately what I do is help raise the vibration of my customers and clients so the only thing they begin to see is their success and deepest desires.

And that’s the secret to anything… You have to see it in your mind, feel it in your heart, and then there’s no other option than the universe to align and give it to you.