30 Minute Private Reading

In this 30 minute one-on-one live session with me, I will read your cards and channel your messages right in front of you. I will answer as many things as I can for you in the amount of time we have and you are welcome to ask questions along the way if you need any clarification of things.

Please give me a little information ahead of time so we can get the most out of your reading. Having a little background will give me more time to be with the energy, answer additional questions and channel messages for you.

Time permitted, I may even be able to pull a few cards and channel a message or two prior to meeting with you (I can't always do this, but if I have the time on the day of your reading, I will). That would give us additional time for clarification during your read.

private reading
All I need to do this reading is a little information about you and your situation. The names of anyone involved and zodiac signs would be helpful, but it's not necessary. Feel free to share any additional information you’re comfortable with when you book your reading if you feel it may help your reading.

Looking forward to being a catalyst for your shining brightness! ♡


Location & Contact Details
This will be a live reading over Zoom. You will receive the link in your email upon booking.

Booking Policy
Bookings must be booked at least 40 hours in advance and are offered on a first come basis, subject to availability.
Cancellation Policy: Bookings are non-refundable. Please be sure you want a reading before making your purchase. *Read Terms & Conditions*