Relationships We Have With Pets

Another blog from bed. You have no idea how wonderful it feels to be 9am and still in bed. Yes, I was up earlier (most of the night in fact), but I'm just relishing in the joy I feel because there's nowhere I need to be right now.

Morning is the best time to do something I enjoy and think good things, to set my mind in a positive direction for the day... So that's why I'm here, writing to you now.

Something that makes me laugh or smile is:
When the kitchen was torn apart, I was using a toaster oven in the living room to make food. My son walked in and noticed I was talking to what appeared to be no one.
He said, "Mom, what are you doing?"
And I replied, "I'm educating the cat on how to make hashbrowns."

Does anyone else talk to their pets just like they're people?

I don't expect my cat to be cooking anything soon, but if she decides to, at least she's had a lesson! 🤣

Speaking of cats, today is the day my daughter's little kitty, Jupiter, goes for her first shots. So my intention today is to make her day as wonderful as it can be; to make her feel loved, comfortable, safe, and peaceful.

I also wish to finish and review a book formatting job I did and send it to the publisher. It's almost done and it's looking FANTASTIC! 👍👏👏👏

My past future story:
I remember a time when I was forty years old and bought a house that had everything I was looking for. In fact, it turned out to even have all of the things I wanted but didn't know I wanted or needed, and it came to me in divine timing, with divine grace and was easily affordable. It also had everything my boyfriend and kids wanted and needed too. We loved it so much and were quite happy there. The perfect house for both families to thrive together in peace and harmony. 🏡🎊😁❤️🙏

Today I’m grateful for:
The magnificent trees that shelter this neighbourhood. And knowing I'm going hiking on Tuesday.

I’m looking forward to: another half hour of bed... Omg this feels good! My feet are tingly and I'm so relaxed. 🦶🏻👣

Today's affirmations:
I trust in the divine guidance I receive.
Everything is working out for me.
No thing is too big or too complicated for source to provide.
Divine ideas never conflict.

Something I can do today to make tomorrow better is: set up Mike with a password for email marketing and connect with Sandra about content and to see how she's doing. 

Today I will honour myself by:
Booking a camping trip 🏕️⛺💖🙏

Thanks for spending another morning with me. I love the company. 🙏☕🌞🌹

Things I find amazing :

Seeing things for the first time :