Tarot & Tub Time

Happy Saturday! Or should I say, Feliz Sábado!

I'm super stoked today because not only did I get to sleep in, but I'm writing my blog from the great outdoors! The wilderness of my backyard!

I can hear the cicadas, the falcons and some other birds (which I can't see, so I'd have to guess which ones they are). 

There's a falcon about 30 feet from me. It's awesome. So beautiful. So chilled out. And every few minutes it makes one or two unmistakable falcon calls.

I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such abundant nature in the middle of the city. I want the falcon to stay with me. It's so beautiful. It was just standing on its left talon and shaking its right leg, as if to knock off a potential insect that might have crawled onto it.

I just looked up falcon animal spirit guide meaning. And it reminded me to stay focused, which was funny since I noticed how distracted I got from the beauty of the falcon in the first place.

I choose nature. I do. I think it's so beautiful. 🙏

Anyways, it's time to start my day. I've got a business meeting in just under an hour and before that, I want to read my tarot cards and fill in my Finisher's Club Book. 😁

Have a super day and thanks for joining me again for another wonderful morning. 😁🙏☕💋

Today's affirmations:
I provide wonderful service in a wonderful way for wonderful fun and wonderful pay.
I see the best in everything.
Sometimes I'm amazed by my own awesomeness.

Something funny and great that happened yesterday was:
I was getting ready to take a bath and relax after a busy week. When I got into the bathroom after grabbing my things, I noticed my daughter had taken my place in the tub, wearing all of her clothes.

She said, "Mom, get in with me."
I said, "I just wanted a relaxing bath."

Then I thought about how this could be a fun, magical memory for both of us and I got right into the tub with her. I was dressed in my clothes too.

We got out some rubber ducks to play with, even though some may argue we're both too old for them. And we laughed, and made funny and scary voices. We set up targets to shoot water at too.

It was fun. I'm so glad we did that.

At the end of our playtime, she left me to enjoy the bathroom alone, and I went on to have my own relaxing bath anyway. 💖🛀😅