Past, Present & Future All Now

I remember a time when I moved out of a house, set up my website team awesomely, and perfectly formatted a book, all in the same day. That was today. 🏡📚🤓

Everyone was thrilled with the work I did. I had tremendous energy and I moved swiftly and joyfully through each task.🏃🏻‍♀️🧚

My sister and I laughed heartily at the most random things, and customers quickly bought the furniture I posted on Kijiji.👭

When I sat down to format book I was given (It's called Goddesses Among Us), it came so easily to me. I put on music and danced while working (As much as I could in a chair). 💃💿📖

"Another love... Another love... All my tears have been used up... On another love..." (That's the song that came to mind... But there were plenty more great songs with good rhythms.) 💃🏻📀🎶

Now, I'm going to create my day with you:

Today I’m grateful for:
Family, friends, and the wonderful opportunities that get presented to me, like having my own chapter in The Influence Effect book, or having one in Journeys to Success 2; both really cool, life-changing books. 🤗🥰

Something that makes me smile is:
When I see dogs, cats, and lizards smiling.
There's something so adorable about when animals smile. 🦎

I’m looking forward to:
Seeing my web team reinspired, in action and successfully switching the domain name logo, colours, and improving the ' site. 😎🥳

My intention is:
To run an effective and efficient web team meeting, move everything from my old place to my new one, and format this new book with ease, joy and grace. 😇😍

Today's affirmation(s):
I can do it.
Everything I need is within me.
I have great friends and family.
I am loved and well blessed. 😇😍

Something I can do today to make tomorrow better is: Post some of my furniture for sale on Kijiji. 🖼️

Today I will honour myself by:
Eating chocolate. My boyfriend picked up some chocolate from Ikea yesterday. Looks delicious! 🍫

Ideas for fun and joy: I just want to hula hoop or play with my skip-it today. Ooh... And I can't wait to have my drawing horse again... It may not be set up today, but soon I'll have a spot where I can draw and sing.🎨🎤

From my dreams:
I had a dream last night. I was driving a vehicle with my boyfriend and 2 other people... (they may have been my kids but in my dream they were adults.)
I was stopped at a stop sign exiting a parking lot in Toronto by Lake Ontario.

A giant wide load truck started backing into me. It couldn't see me. It got stuck to my vehicle. I couldn't reverse or move. The truck was pushing my van into the lake.

I was preparing my passengers for having to get out of the vehicle quickly since there appeared no other option than to have to escape after we'd plunge into the lake.

I was scared, but calm. I trusted that each of us was big enough that we could get out of the van and up to the surface. We had to remain calm and know that things were going to work out.

Just as we were about to go over the edge into the water, the driver of the big truck who was causing us to fear our safety, jumped on top of our van and said, "Just kidding... Scared you, didn't I?"

Suddenly, my dream shifted to a huge party celebrating our success. Apparently, we had a major success and this was a plan from a small group of people to throw us a big surprise party and at the same time, let me know that I needed a new car.

Sure enough, at the party, I got a brand new car.

The party was at a swanky little place with a lot of class... Invite only, caviar-kind-of party with sophisticated people acting like grade 5s.

It was a lot of fun, and I looked back on everything after the party and wondered why I had been so scared.

My Dream Interpretation :

What I'm working on is big; REALLY BIG. And it may sometimes feel like I'm about to sink or possibly drag other people down with me, but it's actually something that's going to be a huge success. Things happen very quickly and I will bring joy and success to many peoples lives.

Dear wish fairy: 🧚 Please wave your magic wand and make this wish come true:
Today wish to have everything miraculously work since I accidentally triple booked myself. I want each person I interact with to be pleased with the interaction, and I want to feel good. Of course I've got some phone calls to make to clean things up a bit, but I'm still going to be thrilled when you grant this wish. Thank you. 👍💖

My worm-song (The song that is stuck in my head) and what I'm interpreting from it:
"I love you like a love song baby... And I keep hitting repeat..."
I snuggled up to my man this morning with this song playing in my mind. I'm feeling loved and loving.

Why worry? ... It probably won't happen anyways:

What I was worried about this morning was that since I have a few important things scheduled at the same time, that people would get mad at me if I have to make changes; that they would lose faith, trust, and interest in being my friend, coworker or client.

Realistically, I know everything I booked can be achieved today and it's just a matter of communicating and staying focused.

I won't have anyone leave me because I screwed up my schedule. And if they did, it was probably meant to be.

See? Why worry... It probably won't happen anyways.

Note: I already sent messages regarding the changes I need to make to my people. I got confirmation back and no one is mad. Yay!
Perfect example of an unrealistic fear I can let go of.

Now it's time to start my day!