Messages And Migraines

As I was shuffling, before I even had my question fully formulated, 2 cards jumped out of the deck and flew onto a chair across from me.
They seemed important. So I read them. And then I asked for another card for an additional message.

Here's what spirit told me today through the cards in The Goddess Oracle deck:

I took on something before I realized the scope of it and then my energy and time fizzled away.

Spirit told me to stop working in a scattered way. To get command of my terrain. I was told to commit my time and energy into my craft and heart commitment because it will impact all areas of my life in wonderful ways, and I will be glad I did.

This made sense because I took on a freelance job that was not in alignment with my soul, and it felt like it sucked the life and joy out of me. I was tired, yet couldn't sleep. I wanted to do things, but had a migraine and felt sick. I was bitter and angry.

My next card said stop taking myself and life too seriously. Play, laugh, get silly, and have fun. See the ridiculousness in everything.

This also made sense because I was taking things way too seriously. I was tied to the 3d world of deadlines and pressures, and not in my divine flow where everything works with perfect timing and divine grace.

My last card said listen and follow along with the creative spark that's playing a melody within me. Laugh, play, have fun, create. Let go of the expectations I created for myself and follow my creative flow.

This sounded nice... to let go of expectations I created for myself and follow my creative flow. It took me a bit, but I was finally able to release the pressure and begin following the rhythmic flow of my soul. That felt wonderful.

I’d love to bring joy to a little black lab today by:
Playing fetch with her. She is so cute! 💕🐕