Ideas Need Time To Incubate

Morning blogging from bed is already becoming an invaluable ritual.

I didn't think I'd enjoy it as much as I am. In fact, I know I like writing, but didn't want to have to commit to 'one more thing'.

Connecting With The DivineI like writing sometimes even more than I like being with people.

I couldn't imagine one without the other. I love people too... But I also need a lot of alone time. How else would I be able to channel, refresh, connect with the divine, or be with my ideas?

Ideas need time to incubate, be tested, and nurtured in order to have all of the pieces come together.

Recently, I've been listening to 'The 4 Hour Work Week' by Tim Ferris and so many of the ideas in that book resonate with my intuitive knowing. I also find the stories quite entertaining, especially because I relate to so many of them.

I just wonder how some of the thingsFinishing The Race he talks about are done when I have children and a partner, who also has children. Either way, my plan is to listen to it fully while I get my house moved over and set up, and then go through it again and do the actions. I love completing things, even if I have to go back to them a few times. After all, #IAmAFinisher.

I'm also all about manifestation, so in my blogs, I plan to share tidbits of how I keep my vibration high and how I manifest things so easily.

Now is my opportunity to create with you:

I remember a time when: I took my family camping for 3 days with no cell phones or tech. It was just us and nature. Pure bonding time in the great outdoors. We played games, went hiking and made a lot of natural crafts. We even collected some cool stones which we polished to discover gorgeous crystals.

We then booked another 3 day camping trip where we made jewelry out of the crystals we found. So peaceful. So connected. So fun.

At night, the trees whispered wonderful bedtime stories that comforted us and helped us sleep soundly.

Today I’m grateful for: crickets. I love listening to crickets in the evening outside. Even if it's when I talk with Sanna in Bali over Zoom (he's an awesome man who's helping me to set up email marketing). When it's my morning here, it's his night time there. It's still so cool to hear the crickets in the morning.

Things that makes me laugh are: The completely inappropriate things that I think I hear people say before I take a moment to piece together what they really said. If you knew what goes on in my mind... You may laugh too, or ask 'What the fudge?'

I’m looking forward to: Having everything put away in the kitchen, getting the last load of items from my move, and having my table cleared off. Woo hoo! 😁🤗💖

My intention is: To complete the book I'm formatting with grace and perfection, and to build a sincere connection with my apprentices.

Today's affirmation(s):
The end of a tough cycle approaches. Keep going.
Peace and freedom are mine to behold.
Joy and beauty fill my soul.

Something I can do today to make tomorrow better is: Have 2 rooms complete.

Today I will honour myself by: Giving up trying to look good, and have sincere connections instead.

Ideas for fun and joy: Just get my work done well... And watch The Umbrella Academy with the kids after. ☔👀😎

Thanks for creating my day with me. I really appreciate it.❤️
I've got an hour to spend however I want now... Before I kick butt with everything I'm up to. 🤗😁❤️