4000 Art Prints Sold In A Week

I remember a time when:
My team and I reached out to people and we sold 4000 art prints within a week. That was wild! My kids and I got very good at managing orders and doing quality assurance. It took a few weeks to ship that many orders, but everyone was happy because each print helped raise someone's vibration, and helped them feel better, be happier and more empowered. I had a great time, plus I added an extra little gift to each person's order, which I knew would brighten their day. 

Today I’m grateful for:
Sleep. I could use a little more. Yes, I'd like that very much. Maybe a half hour or so. 

Something that makes me smile is:
The thought of sleeping.

Today’s joke or cartoon:
What is fast, loud and crunchy?
A rocket chip!

I’m looking forward to:
Fixing a couple tiny things in the epub (ebook) I formatted and passing off the files 100% impeccable and complete.

Even more than the feeling of having that complete in every way, even more than that I'm looking forward to having another tea party with my daughter.

My intention is:
To sell my art prints and leverage my team and contacts

Today's affirmation(s):
Sometimes it's kind of fun to do the impossible (Thank you Walt Disney for that quote).

Something I can do today to make tomorrow better is:
Get flea treatment for the cats. (I took my indoor kitten to the vets for shots and she came back with fleas... can you believe it?)

From my dreams:
There were 2 spiders in my dreams last night so I looked it up. Here's the message I got:
"Travel will create a special connection with new possibilities. Expand your horizons." -Spider

I miss traveling. I dream and think about it every day. Soon, the world will heal and vacations will start again.

Sending love and healing vibes to you and everyone you can think of. xo