Yourself In Wonder & Joy
Your Awareness & Performance
With Divine Inspiration
Success In Business & Life
Yourself In Wonder & Joy
Your Awareness & Performance
With Divine Inspiration
Success In Business & Life

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The Finisher's Club™ - 12 Days of Finishing Program (For Success, Focus & Productivity)
  • $197.00
  • $97.00
The Finisher's Club™ Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt
  • $49.99
'I Choose Napping' ~ Baby Bodysuit
  • $39.99
Dolphin ~ Limited Edition ~ Affirming Arts™ Positive Affirmation Poster
  • $49.99

Sold out

HAPPINESS ~ Engraved Silver Bar Chain Bracelet
  • From $43.31
I CHOOSE 'ACTION' - Unisex Hoodie
  • $69.99

Sold out

'The Letter T' - Affirming Arts™ Alphabet - Premium Pillow
  • From $44.99
'The Letter A' - Affirming Arts™ Alphabet - Mug
  • From $27.99

Making A Difference

We all have unique gifts that can make a difference for others. I created Affirming Arts™ to empower & inspire people.

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The people have spoken

"By the end of day 1 saw areas of my life I was longing to change. By the end of Amy's program, I truly felt at peace with my life and my plans going forward!"

Sarah Gretzinger ~ The Savvy Networker

Amy is so talented. She is an amazing facilitator that brings people together and helps them reach their goals!

Pattie Sadler ~ New Life Clarity Publishing

I am so grateful for Amy and The Finisher's Club. Amy's program helped me to finish things I normally would not finish.

Ulrich Floresca ~ Author & Founder of Zero Debris

Empowering and one-of-a-kind. I believe every human being needs Amy's artwork in their home.

Armin Shafee ~ Creator of Reborn Experience

"Amy's projects & objectives have empowered me and my children. I love how she helps everyone live their own greatness & appreciates their individuality.

Ronnie Fisher ~ Consultant, Actor & Investor

Amy is like a tree-hugging ninja and what I aspire to be. She is a superhero and helps so many people. I wonder how many capes she has.

BrianPatrick White ~ Listen 'Em Big Media & iBeAGiant Network
Life Is What You Make It

The better it gets, the better it gets...

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